A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn


The following summary is from the Kansas City Public library website.

“A classic since it’s original publication in 1980, Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States is the first scholarly work to tell America’s story from the bottom up—from the view point of, and in the words of America’s women, factory workers, African Americans, Native Americans, working poor and immigrant laborers. From Columbus to the Revolution to slavery and the Civil War—from World War II to the election of George W. Bush and the ‘War on Terror’— A People’s History of the United States is an important and necessary contribution a complete and balanced understanding of American History.”

“This is an inclusive rather than an exclusive history. It doesn’t focus on what the Africans would call big men, but rather shines a spotlight on the least of these that have done the hard work to make America the powerful nation that she is.” Walter Ray Birdinparadise



The following is from the back cover of Above Top Secret:

Critical Acclaim for
The Worldwide UFO Cover-up

“The hottest topic among UFO enthusiasts is what they describe as the Federal Government’s experience with aliens…. Timothy Good and a group of UFO investigators in the United States say they have documentary evidence that the government hid its knowledge…. The charges are contained in Mr Good’s book Above Top Secret….” The New York Times

“A valuable contribution to UFO literature and a fascinating read because it is well written, carefully researched, and packed with amazing accounts of UFO sightings.” The Commercial Appeal
Memphis, Tennessee

“The reader…. will be hard-pressed to disagree.” The Virginian Pilot and The Ledger-Star

“A noteworthy contribution to the field” Kirkus Reviews

“One of the best-documented UFO books ever written” Booklist

“A startling story of not only UFOs, but of government cover-up and involvement at high levels”

What follows is not from the back cover of the book.
This book will answer questions that you never even thought to ask. The scale, size, dimension and creation of the universe is unimaginable. How arrogant to think and teach that mankind is the only intelligent life form in the vastness of time and space.
Walter Ray Bird In Paradise

A must read: Pay Any Price by James Risen


From the back cover of Pay Any Price:
In 2009, when the new Obama administration continued the government’s legal campaign against me, I realized, in a very personal way, that the war on terror had become a bipartisan enterprise. America was now locked into an endless war, and its perverse and untended consequences were spreading.
And so my answer- both to the government’s long campaign against me and to this endless war-is this new book, Pay Any Price.
Pay Any Price is my answer to how best to challenge the government’s draconian efforts to crack down on aggressive investigative reporting and suppress the truth in the name of ceaseless war.
My answer is to keep writing, because I believe that if journalists ever stop uncovering abuses of power, we will lose our democracy. end quote.

It is my opinion that we Americans, (black, white, brown and yellow) are very easily misled about many if not most things of consequence. This book pulls the covers off the war on so called terror. It’s been the biggest robbery in American if not world history, so says the author. All of us need to read this book for our selves to have an idea of what we are facing. It matters not whether it’s Bush or Obama the same game goes on and we all pay the price with our lives and our treasure.

Body Cameras on Policemen


What kind of fool believes that body cameras is the answer to police brutality against the black community? Did the nation not see with it’s own eyes the beastly beating that Rodney King took at the hands of what looked like a Satanic group dressed in police uniforms? Did we not see the video of the black man in the Walmart store in Ohio recently who was murdered by the police for walking around inside the store with a bee bee gun that the store sells. He was not threatening anyone. Did we not just see the video of the police murdering a black 12 year old child with a toy gun? What kind of fool do they take people for to suggest that the answer to police killings of unarmed black men is to put cameras on the police? The main officer involved in the murder of Eric Garner was seen on tv waving to the camera like he had just done the coolest thing while Eric Garner lay dying on the sidewalk from this animal’s choke hold. All these cases were filmed. None of these police officers were indicted or punished in any way. As a matter of fact they were rewarded by being placed on leave with pay. No indictment. Back to work and business as usual. All the voting in the world has not stopped this behavior. It seems to me that for the most part we are a powerless people in the face of the kind of foe that has always done what he does.

Wonderful Books I’ve Read


Somewhere I read in The Holy Koran “Read in the name of Allah.” Now be you Christian, Hebrew, Hindu, African traditional religionist, or some other religion the statement still stands. Reading is a way to experience the larger world in a personal and intimate way. Reading is similar to traveling in the sense that it expands the mind and is key in the educational process. That being said I’d like to recommend a book I read a few years ago that left a lasting impression. The title is Voodoo Dreams by Jewel Parker Rhodes. The following summary is from Publisher’s Weekly Review.

NEA Fiction Award – winner Rhodes introduces a fearsome heroine and comments on the slave trade in an astute, evocative first novel based on the life of an actual voodoo priestess. From the age of 10, Creole girl Marie Laveau has visions of voodoo rites, yet her grandmother, who raised her, refuses to explain these supernatural occurrences. “Grandmere” wants to protect Marie, whose maternal lineage includes many dangerous voodoo queens, but her secretiveness only makes the girl resentful and curious. When they move from their secluded country home to New Orleans in 1819, Marie fulfills her destiny, forsaking her kindly husband on their wedding night to conduct ceremonies in which she’s possessed by her dead mother’s ghost and by the god Damballah. Rhodes eschews literary aspirations in favor of steamy, violent interludes worthy of a bodice-ripper- an abolitionist who loves Marie from afar, an incestuous relationship between aristorcratic twins – but her insightfulness about black heritage, antebellum history and gender roles raises the tale well above the norm. Melodramatic yet mesmerizing, it effectively synthesizes the twin themes of female and African American empowerment. end of the review.

For those who know anything about New Orleans you’ll sure to recognize the name Marie Laveau! I don’t know how much of this book is based on reality but it sure feels real when you read it. It’s like you are there watching these events as they unfold. She brings that voodoo culture from down in the bayou to life in an unforgettable way. A great read.

Why they don’t seem to get it!


I was having a conversation at thanksgiving dinner about Ferguson and why some people don’t seem to get it. I made the statement that White People just don’t see it or understand it or something to that effect. The person I said it to responded that yes they do see and get it. Then the person said that white people don’t want Darren Wilson to be punished for what he did because that would give power to Black People. If he went to prison it would empower us and then we may be able to enforce the law on other white police officers and they too may go to prison and that would give us power also. I never thought of it like that but it makes sense. They may be just like the whites in South Africa when the Blacks came to political power they didn’t know what to expect and more than likely feared that with that power the Blacks would do to them what they’d always done to the Blacks and everyone else. So in Amerikka the whites probably do see the grave injustice as it relates to police killing us day and night but if we are able to organize and somehow punish them (that’s what prison is) it would give us a degree of power over them and that is what they fear above all else. That being said I know that there are whites and others who are just as outraged over these killings as we are. So I’m not talking about them. Some are seen at all the rallies and protest sites as well as blacks and others. Any decent human being should be outraged by these murders and many are. But there is another large segment of the White American population that will justify any injustice committed against Blacks no matter how extreme or barbaric. They fear the power shift but if there is a God in Heaven and I believe there is the shift is coming one way or the other.