A must read: Pay Any Price by James Risen


From the back cover of Pay Any Price:
In 2009, when the new Obama administration continued the government’s legal campaign against me, I realized, in a very personal way, that the war on terror had become a bipartisan enterprise. America was now locked into an endless war, and its perverse and untended consequences were spreading.
And so my answer- both to the government’s long campaign against me and to this endless war-is this new book, Pay Any Price.
Pay Any Price is my answer to how best to challenge the government’s draconian efforts to crack down on aggressive investigative reporting and suppress the truth in the name of ceaseless war.
My answer is to keep writing, because I believe that if journalists ever stop uncovering abuses of power, we will lose our democracy. end quote.

It is my opinion that we Americans, (black, white, brown and yellow) are very easily misled about many if not most things of consequence. This book pulls the covers off the war on so called terror. It’s been the biggest robbery in American if not world history, so says the author. All of us need to read this book for our selves to have an idea of what we are facing. It matters not whether it’s Bush or Obama the same game goes on and we all pay the price with our lives and our treasure.


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