Why they don’t seem to get it!


I was having a conversation at thanksgiving dinner about Ferguson and why some people don’t seem to get it. I made the statement that White People just don’t see it or understand it or something to that effect. The person I said it to responded that yes they do see and get it. Then the person said that white people don’t want Darren Wilson to be punished for what he did because that would give power to Black People. If he went to prison it would empower us and then we may be able to enforce the law on other white police officers and they too may go to prison and that would give us power also. I never thought of it like that but it makes sense. They may be just like the whites in South Africa when the Blacks came to political power they didn’t know what to expect and more than likely feared that with that power the Blacks would do to them what they’d always done to the Blacks and everyone else. So in Amerikka the whites probably do see the grave injustice as it relates to police killing us day and night but if we are able to organize and somehow punish them (that’s what prison is) it would give us a degree of power over them and that is what they fear above all else. That being said I know that there are whites and others who are just as outraged over these killings as we are. So I’m not talking about them. Some are seen at all the rallies and protest sites as well as blacks and others. Any decent human being should be outraged by these murders and many are. But there is another large segment of the White American population that will justify any injustice committed against Blacks no matter how extreme or barbaric. They fear the power shift but if there is a God in Heaven and I believe there is the shift is coming one way or the other.


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